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April 27, 2023

The position is for a 100% remote working arrangement from wherever the right candidate might be located in the United States.

No non-US resident applicants please.

3+ years of US patent prosecution experience and at least a Bachelor's degree in Physics, Computer Science/Engineering, or Software/Electrical Engineering. Advanced degrees in these disciplines are preferred. Deep understanding of software-related technologies, semiconductor technologies, and computer hardware technologies is desirable. Must be registered to practice before the USPTO. Experience must include domestic preparation and prosecution of patent applications, including PTAB appeals.

Applicants will not be considered without writing samples. Please submit publicly available writing samples representative of a utility nonprovisional application and an office action response that are primarily drafted by you and relating to any of these fields -

  1. Software

    1. AI, cognitive computing

      1. Machine learning

      2. Natural Language Processing

    2. Social Media technology

    3. OS, System-level tools

  2. Computing hardware

    1. Conventional computer architecture & components

    2. Quantum computers

      1. Qubit design, fabrication, and manipulations

      2. Quantum circuits

  3. VLSI technology

    1. semiconductor design & fabrication

    2. Superconductor design & fabrication

    3. Fabrication materials, design tools and techniques

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